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“The way to proceed in life is to be presented with an opportunity and know how to work the system."  Source: Pastor, Lakeland, Florida Mega Church.  

                       PROFESSIONAL  HISTORY


Served as an executive realty specialist ( real estate)  under the mayoralty administrations of the Honorable Walter E. Washington and the Honorable Marion S. Barry, Jr., Washington, DC. In this capacity, I contributed to the collaborative effort to transform the stagnant District of Columbia downtown retail core to its current vibrant economic base and coordinated the purchase and sale of sites in other areas of  D.C including a 360 acre multi – million dollar parcel in N.E.

Properties ( real estate ) which were developed or were being offered for development, under my tenure with the D.C. Government and for which I served as Project Manager/Coordinator:

1.         Parcel I, N.E. #1


2.         Parcel 4, Downtown


3.         Parcel 11A, Shaw

            (31 Garden Apartments)

4.         Parcels 19 and 20 S.W.


5.         Parcel 42, Shaw

            (Police Boys and Girls Club)

6.         Waterside Mall, N.E., Quadrant S.W.

7.         500 C Street, S.W. (office/retail)

8.         Washington Overlook, FLNT

            (150 Market Rate Garden Apartments)

9.         Condominium #4, FLNT

            Phase One and Two (60 Townhouses)

10.      The Petersburg, FLNT

            (304 Section 8 Rental Apartments)

11.      The MANNA Properties, Shaw

            (19 Fee Simple Townhouse Apartments)

12.      Parcel 6, Downtown  

          ( Commercial/Retail ) The current home of the Washington Wizards' franchise


Formed The Community Development Assistance Project (CDAP), a NETWORK of communty development specialists.

Authored and published " Diversity in Empowerment", a 180 page tutorial and seminar in print containing individual and group empowerment strategies.

Emerged as an accomplished proposal writer, strategic planner and partner in a real estate development company.

The Community Development Assistance Project (CDAP) is a trade name which I have used since 1990, My core activities have involved operating as a  freelance consultant, service broker, author and self - publisher of community planning and development related  "self-help" manuals.

I have  32 years of management and community development related experience including considerable expertise in strategic planning, eminent domain, commercial and residential real estate development, neighborhood commercial revitalization, the nonprofit 501(c)(3) community - based organization,and proposal writing. 


I have an MA in Urban Studies and I am a graduate of the 2nd and 5th ranked HBCUs. I currently spend the bulk of my time: (1) promoting my book ( "Diversity in Empowerment");  (2) promoting individual and institutional empowerment strategies;  and (3) arranging community planning and development related business teaming activities.

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